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Famous Salafi website, islamweb fatwa center was asked This Question

أرجو شرح هذا الكلام, ففي منة المنعم في شرح صحيح مسلم للمباركفوري في الجزء الرابع ص83 يقول التالي: العصمة واجبة في حق الأنبياء, ممكنة في حق غيرهم

Please explain to me this statement, it comes in Munt-ul-Muni’im Fi Sharah Saheeh Muslim bin Mubarakfori, 4/83, that Infallibility is Must for Prophets and possible for others etc

Let me add, that Mubarakfori has also said this in his book, Tohfa-tul-Ahodi, 10/123. Anyways, They reply Read the rest of this entry »


Famous Salafi Scholars, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baaz was asked a Question regarding a Man, who negates concepts like AntiChrist/Dajjal, al-Mahdi (asws), Arrival of Jesus etc; and considers These Narrations to be lies upon Holy Prophet (asws). And he is a person who offers prayers, fasts and performs other compulsory acts. So what would be the status of This person.

He replies in His book, Fatawa Noor ala Darab, part 1, page 355-356 Read the rest of this entry »

This is Translation of Word from Brother Velayat. His post is in Turkish language, and can be found HERE

Hur Amili writes in His book, al-Fawaed al-Tusia, p. 367

لا‌ يحضرني‌ ‌إن‌ أحدا ‌من‌ محدثينا رواه‌ ‌في‌ ‌شيء‌ ‌من‌ الكتب‌ المعتمدة ‌نعم‌ نقله‌ ‌بعض‌ المتأخرين‌ ‌من‌ علمائنا ‌في‌ ‌غير‌ كتب‌ الحديث‌ و كأنه‌ ‌من‌ روايات‌ العامة ‌أو‌ موضوعاتهم‌ 

I could not find any such saying in what is Narrated by Our Scholars of Hadeeth in Reliable books. Yes, it is mentioned by some of Our Scholars of Later era in “Books other than that of Hadeeth”. And it is from Narration of Sunnis or their fabrications

He also writes Read the rest of this entry »

imam mohammad baqir asws explained what maarifat is to his companion

this hadeeth is in urdu, and i am gift the scans from the book MANAQIB-E-AHLUBAIT, this book is urdu translation of famous book, AL QATRA TO MIN BIHAR FI MANAQIB NABI WA ITRA [a drop from the ocean of glories of prophet and his pure progeny]. this book is a wonderful work of ayatullah syed ahmad mustanbat

i am taking it from the second volume, page numbers are mentioned

i am really sorry to all those brother who cannot read urdu,

i will try my best to translate this for you in english


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