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we find in fath ul bari

قوله‏:‏ ‏(‏وقد أخرج عمر أخت أبي بكر حين ناحت‏)‏ وصله ابن سعد في ‏”‏ الطبقات ‏”‏ بإسناد صحيح من طريق الزهري عن سعيد بن المسيب قال‏:‏ ‏”‏ لما توفي أبو بكر أقامت عائشة عليه النوح، فبلغ عمر فنهاهن فأبين، فقال لهشام بن الوليد‏:‏ اخرج إلى بيت أبي قحافة – يعني أم فروة – فعلاها بالدرة ضربات فتفرق النوائح حين سمعن بذلك ‏”‏ ووصله إسحاق بن راهويه في مسنده من وجه آخر عن الزهري وفيه ‏”‏ فجعل يخرجهن امرأة امرأة وهو يضربهن بالدرة‏”‏‏.‏…BID=12&CID=234

“ibn saad has narrated with sahih sand from saeed bin mosaid who said

when abu bakar died, ayesha started noha; umar reached there to stop them but they did not accept; he told hasham bin waleed to go to house of abu qahafa, that is, umm farwa; so he started lashing those and they women started scattering”

and ishaq bin rahwia quoted in his masnad from zahri that the women would come out, and he would lash them”


Let us see a narration from Seerat Ibn Ishaq, 2/713
“I heard Ayesha saying “The Messenger of God died on my bosom during my turn, I did not wrong anyone in regard to him. It was because of my ignorance and youthfulness that the Messenger of God died while he was in my lap. Then I laid his head on a pillow and got up beating my chest and slapping my face along with the women”

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We find in amali, sheikh tusi, urdu version, printed by idara minhaj us saliheen, Lahore, first edition, june 2009; chapter 11, page 469;

and the same narration in “tareekhcha-e-azadari-e-Hussein” written by syed salih shaharstani, published by idara pasban islam, Bhalwal, 2nd edition, 2005, page 156-157

that :-

Abdullah ibn abbass narrates that I was sleeping in my home when I heard a scream from the house of umma salma;

I went out and paid attention to her house which was in front of me; men and women of madina had gathered there;

When I reached there, I asked her

“o mother of momineen! What has happened and why are you crying like this?”

She did not reply, rather looked at the hashmi women and said

“o daughters of abdul motallab! Give me porsa/ condolence and cry with me as your chief and chief of men of paradise has been martyred. By god! He has been martyred”

She was asked “how did you come to know?”

She replied

“I just saw holy prophet in my dream, and saw that his hair are spread around and he was sad; I asked “o prophet! What has happened to you?” and he replied “umm salma! My son Hussein and his ahlubait has been martyred and I was burying them and just finished that.”

I woke up and went to the room. I was unable to understand anything. So picked that soil which was of grave of Hussein(jibrail brought that for prophet and he was told that once it changes to blood, it would mean that he has been martyred); prophet told me that keep it in a bottle; when I saw that, It had changed to blood and It was boiling.

Ibn abbass says that she took blood from that and rubbed it on her face. And spent that day in matam and weeping. And then a traveler brought the news that imam had been martyred.

Amr bin thabit says that my father met imam baqir asws and asked him about this narration and told him that saeeb bin jubair and Abdullah bin abbass had quoted this.

Imam replied that he was told this by umar bin abu salma from umm salma

Ibn abbass narrates that saeed bin jubair said when it turned night, I saw prophet in the dreams, with scattered hair and dust in hair. I asked him as to what has happened and prophet replied that

“are you not aware that I just finished burying Hussein and his friends”

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