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so far we have discussed two chains from majroheen, ibn habban

two chains from ansab-ul-ashraaf

and one more chain from ansaab,

so in total, we have discussed 5 chains in this regard;

let me share two more chains

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in this short piece of work, i ll try to highlight two things

i ll just touch those issues

1- was mawia a caliph?
2-what did prophet asws say about the era of his caliphate?

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we find in tazkira-tul-huffaz by dhabi (تذكرة الحفاظ – الذهبي )


عن أبي حنيفة قال ما رأيت أفقه من جعفر بن محمد

abu hanifa said that i had never seen anyone more faqih than jafar bin mohammad.

وقال أبو حاتم ثقة لا يسئل عن مثله

abu hatim said that he was thiqa, and he had no match.

عن صالح بن أبي الأسود سمعت جعفر بن محمد يقول سلوني قبل أن تفقدوني فإنه لا يحدثكم أحد بعدي بمثل حديثي

salih bin abu aswad said that i heard jafar bin mohammad asws say that ask me before you lose me, no doubt, you wont find anyone saying like this after me

this all surprises one the most, because
on one hand,, sunnis say that aimmah ahlubait were the most knowledgeable as we can see in this,

and yet, they are not interested in following their sayings.

is this not surprising and contradicting?

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