Let us see what we find in Musnad imam Ahmad in an authentic report

abu Tufail says that when holy Prophet asws died, bibi Fatima asws sent a messenger to abu Bakar and asked him

” Are you the Heir of holy Prophet asws or His family?”

He replied: Heir of holy prophet asws are His family

So She asked: Where is the part of holy Prophet?

He said: I heard holy Prophet asws myself that when Allah makes his Prophet eat something, and then calls him back; Then the right of its control is with the one who is the Caliph of time; so I consider it appropriate to distribute it amongst muslims.

Upon hearing this all, bibi Fatima asws said: you know better what you heard.

And She stopped asking for it

[Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, urdu translation, vol 1, page 77, narration 14]

As u can see Albani termed it HASAN

Sheikh Shoaib Arnawit says

“Isnaad Hasan; narrators are narrators of Sheikhain except Walid bin Jami’i who is narrator of Muslim”

[Musnad Ahmad, Research of Shoaib Arnawit; vol 1, page 192]

Question arises, if Narrations of Walid bin Jami’i are Hasan, will This not affect claim of Imam Muslim that everything is Saheeh in His Saheeh Muslim? After all, there is difference between Saheeh and Hasan Narration. Still it can be said that Narration is Saheeh on terms of Imam Muslim. Same researcher grades another Narration in Musnad Ahmad, 38/347, and writes

إسناده قوي على شرط مسلم، رجاله ثقات رجال الشيخين غير الوليد بن عبد الله بن جميع، فهو صدوق حسن الحديث من رجال مسلم.

Chain is Qawi/Strong on terms set by Muslim, All Narrators are trustworthy and that of Sheikhain except Walid bin Abdullah bin Jami’i, and He is Truthful and Hasan-ul-Hadeeth and in Narrators of Muslim

Sheikh Ahmad Shakir says

[vol 1, page 171]

Sheikh Hussein Salim Asad says that Narrators are Narrators of Saheeh {Musnad Abu Ya’la, 1/40}

Now, it is evident from this narration that the Heirs of holy Prophet asws were in deed his family;

and it was the decision of abu Bakar to distribute it amongst muslim